QIN Xuzhou, WU Tieru, LIU Yipeng, LU Yinan. Research and Application of Example-Driven Surface Deformation Method[J]. Chinese Journal of Electronics, 2019, 28(1): 85-92. doi: 10.1049/cje.2018.10.005
Citation: QIN Xuzhou, WU Tieru, LIU Yipeng, LU Yinan. Research and Application of Example-Driven Surface Deformation Method[J]. Chinese Journal of Electronics, 2019, 28(1): 85-92. doi: 10.1049/cje.2018.10.005

Research and Application of Example-Driven Surface Deformation Method

doi: 10.1049/cje.2018.10.005
Funds:  This work is supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China (No.61373003), and Seed Foundations of Jilin University (No.2016ZZ009).
  • Received Date: 2018-04-26
  • Rev Recd Date: 2018-07-09
  • Publish Date: 2019-01-10
  • Despite the large work made in interactive mesh deformation, manipulating a geometrically complex mesh and producing realistic deformation result is still a challenging work. Example-driven deformation methods distinctly simplify the modeling process and produce realistic deformation result by incorporating knowledge learned from shape space. We introduce a rotation invariant feature representation and a reconstruction framework to accurately reconstruct the vertex positions. Our feature representation allows both interpolation as well as extrapolation and can effectively blend multiple shapes. Based on this, we achieve an example-driven approach to mesh deformations. By using a collection of models as examples, our method produces natural deformation results guided by them even with large movement of handles. We will apply our representation and reconstruction method to semantic deformation transfer. The experimental results have demonstrated the effectiveness of the proposed methods.
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