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Chinese Journal of Electronics

Volume 33, Issue 1

05 January, 2024

Review on Security Defense Technology Research in Edge Computing Environment
SHANG Ke, HE Weizhen, ZHANG Shuai
2024, 33(1): 1-18.   doi: 10.23919/cje.2022.00.170
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The Exchange Attack and the Mixture Differential Attack Revisited: From the Perspective of Automatic Evaluation
QIAO Kexin, ZHANG Zhiyu, NIU Zhongfeng, et al.
2024, 33(1): 19-29.   doi: 10.23919/cje.2023.00.008
Abstract(321) HTML(163) PDF(46)
Privacy Preserving Algorithm for Spectrum Sensing in Cognitive Vehicle Networks
LI Hongning, HU Tonghui, CHEN Jiexiong, et al.
2024, 33(1): 30-42.   doi: 10.23919/cje.2022.00.007
Abstract(362) HTML(180) PDF(77)
A Secure Mutual Authentication Protocol Based on Visual Cryptography Technique for IoT-Cloud
Ehui Brou Bernard, CHEN Chen, WANG Shirui, et al.
2024, 33(1): 43-57.   doi: 10.23919/cje.2022.00.339
Abstract(277) HTML(138) PDF(38)
FlowGANAnomaly: Flow-Based Anomaly Network Intrusion Detection with Adversarial Learning
LI Zeyi, WANG Pan, WANG Zixuan
2024, 33(1): 58-71.   doi: 10.23919/cje.2022.00.173
Abstract(1161) HTML(582) PDF(77)
SAT-Based Automatic Searching for Differential and Linear Trails: Applying to CRAX
HAN Yiyi, WANG Caibing, NIU Zhongfeng, et al.
2024, 33(1): 72-79.   doi: 10.23919/cje.2022.00.313
Abstract(459) HTML(227) PDF(67)
Constructing the Impossible Differential of Type-II GFN with Boolean Function and Its Application to WARP
SHI Jiali, LIU Guoqiang, LI Chao
2024, 33(1): 80-89.   doi: 10.23919/cje.2022.00.132
Abstract(533) HTML(265) PDF(40)
SwiftTheft: A Time-Efficient Model Extraction Attack Framework Against Cloud-Based Deep Neural Networks
YANG Wenbin, GONG Xueluan, CHEN Yanjiao, et al.
2024, 33(1): 90-100.   doi: 10.23919/cje.2022.00.377
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