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Chinese Journal of Electronics

Volume 32, Issue 1

05 January, 2023

AttrLeaks on the Edge: Exploiting Information Leakage from Privacy-Preserving Co-inference
WANG Zhibo, LIU Kaixin, HU Jiahui, et al.
2023, 32(1): 1-12.   doi: 10.23919/cje.2022.00.031
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Delay and Energy Consumption Oriented UAV Inspection Business Collaboration Computing Mechanism in Edge Computing Based Electric Power IoT
SHAO Sujie, LI Yi, GUO Shaoyong, et al.
2023, 32(1): 13-25.   doi: 10.23919/cje.2021.00.312
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MalFSM: Feature Subset Selection Method for Malware Family Classification
KONG Zixiao, XUE Jingfeng, WANG Yong, et al.
2023, 32(1): 26-38.   doi: 10.23919/cje.2022.00.038
Abstract(377) HTML(182) PDF(39)
Developer Cooperation Relationship and Attribute Similarity Based Community Detection in Software Ecosystem
SHEN Xin, DU Junwei, GONG Dunwei, et al.
2023, 32(1): 39-50.   doi: 10.23919/cje.2021.00.276
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A Fine-Grained Object Detection Model for Aerial Images Based on YOLOv5 Deep Neural Network
ZHANG Rui, XIE Cong, DENG Liwei
2023, 32(1): 51-63.   doi: 10.23919/cje.2022.00.044
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Ancient Character Recognition: A Novel Image Dataset of Shui Manuscript Characters and Classification Model
TANG Minli, XIE Shaomin, LIU Xiangrong
2023, 32(1): 64-75.   doi: 10.23919/cje.2022.00.077
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Linguistic Steganalysis via Fusing Multi-Granularity Attentional Text Features
WEN Juan, DENG Yaqian, PENG Wanli, et al.
2023, 32(1): 76-84.   doi: 10.23919/cje.2022.00.009
Abstract(210) HTML(106) PDF(25)
Cross Modal Adaptive Few-Shot Learning Based on Task Dependence
DAI Leichao, FENG Lin, SHANG Xinglin, et al.
2023, 32(1): 85-96.   doi: 10.23919/cje.2021.00.093
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