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Large Spaceborne Deployable Antennas (LSDAs)-A Comprehensive Summary
DUAN Baoyan
2020, 29(1): 1-15. doi: 10.1049/cje.2019.09.001
Abstract(1233) PDF(4471)
A 10-bit 500-MS/s Current Steering DAC with Improved Random Layout
TONG Xingyuan, WANG Chaofeng
2020, 29(1): 73-81. doi: 10.1049/cje.2019.10.002
Abstract(262) PDF(1620)
A Family of Constacyclic Codes over F2m + uF2m and Its Application to Quantum Codes
TANG Yongsheng, YAO Ting, ZHU Shixin, KAI Xiaoshan
2020, 29(1): 114-121. doi: 10.1049/cje.2019.10.007
Abstract(241) PDF(1111)
Tiny YOLO Optimization Oriented Bus Passenger Object Detection
ZHANG Shuo, WU Yanxia, MEN Chaoguang, LI Xiaosong
2020, 29(1): 132-138. doi: 10.1049/cje.2019.11.002
Abstract(452) PDF(1017)
Visualization Feature and CNN Based Homology Classification of Malicious Code
CHU Qianfeng, LIU Gongshen, ZHU Xinyu
2020, 29(1): 154-160. doi: 10.1049/cje.2019.11.005
Abstract(294) PDF(948)
An Adaptive Time-Domain Kalman Filtering Approach to Acoustic Feedback Cancellation for Hearing Aids
LU Caixia, YANG Feiran, YANG Jun
2020, 29(1): 139-146. doi: 10.1049/cje.2019.11.003
Abstract(291) PDF(944)
Research on Electromagnetic Compatibility of Chinese High Speed Railway System
WEN Yinghong, HOU Weixing
2020, 29(1): 16-21. doi: 10.1049/cje.2019.09.002
Abstract(455) PDF(923)
Joint Channel Estimation and Power Allocation for the CRS-NOMA
TAN Yizhi, CHEN Baoren
2020, 29(1): 177-182. doi: 10.1049/cje.2019.12.003
Abstract(234) PDF(914)
Survey of Performance Evaluation Standardization and Research Methods on GNSS-Based Localization for Railways
CAI Baigen, WU Boqian, LU Debiao
2020, 29(1): 22-33. doi: 10.1049/cje.2019.09.003
Abstract(561) PDF(875)
Hazard Rate Estimation for GNSS-Based Train Localization Using Model-Based Approach
LU Debiao, TANG Dezhang, SPIEGEL Dirk
2020, 29(1): 49-56. doi: 10.1049/cje.2019.09.006
Abstract(261) PDF(875)
Optimized Fault Detection Algorithm Aided by BDS Baseband Signal for Train Positioning
WANG Ershen, YANG Di, WANG Chuanyun, Huang Yufeng, QU Pingping, PANG Tao
2020, 29(1): 34-40. doi: 10.1049/cje.2019.09.004
Abstract(304) PDF(859)
An APD-Based Evaluation on the Effect of Transient Disturbance over Digital Transmission
GENG Xin, ZHANG Jinbao
2020, 29(1): 57-65. doi: 10.1049/cje.2019.09.007
Abstract(358) PDF(848)
A VMD Based Improved De-noising of Onboard BTM Receiving Signal
GENG Qi, WEN Yinghong, LIU Shanghe, ZHANG Dan
2020, 29(1): 66-72. doi: 10.1049/cje.2019.10.001
Abstract(344) PDF(847)
GNSS Fault Detection and Exclusion Based on Virtual Pseudorange-Based Consistency Check Method
LIU Jiang, ZHAO Xiaolin
2020, 29(1): 41-48. doi: 10.1049/cje.2019.09.005
Abstract(250) PDF(835)
Review on the Technological Development and Application of UAV Systems
FAN Bangkui, LI Yun, ZHANG Ruiyu, FU Qiqi
2020, 29(2): 199-207. doi: 10.1049/cje.2019.12.006
Abstract(741) PDF(633)
A Sample-Efficient Actor-Critic Algorithm for Recommendation Diversification
LI Shuang, YAN Yanghui, REN Ju, ZHOU Yuezhi, ZHANG Yaoxue
2020, 29(1): 89-96. doi: 10.1049/cje.2019.10.004
Abstract(290) PDF(593)
Secure Data Transfer and Deletion from Counting Bloom Filter in Cloud Computing
YANG Changsong, TAO Xiaoling, ZHAO Feng, WANG Yong
2020, 29(2): 273-280. doi: 10.1049/cje.2020.02.015
Abstract(2800) PDF(585)
The Principle and Progress of Dynamically Reconfigurable Computing Technologies
WEI Shaojun, LU Yan'an
2020, 29(4): 595-607. doi: 10.1049/cje.2020.05.002
Abstract(626) PDF(576)
MMOS+ Ordering Search Method for Bayesian Network Structure Learning and Its Application
HE Chuchao, GAO Xiaoguang, WAN Kaifang
2020, 29(1): 147-153. doi: 10.1049/cje.2019.11.004
Abstract(206) PDF(564)
Black-Box and Public Traceability in Multi-authority Attribute Based Encryption
ZHAO Qianqian, WU Gaofei, MA Hua, ZHANG Yuqing, WANG He
2020, 29(1): 106-113. doi: 10.1049/cje.2019.10.006
Abstract(168) PDF(562)
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