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Aims & scope

Chinese Journal of Electronics (CJE) is a bimonthly peer-reviewed academic journal covering the latest developments in the related fields of electronics and information technology. CJE was established in 1992 and is sponsored by the Chinese Institute of Electronics.

CJE welcomes innovative and transformative research, including theoretical articles, technology reviews and case studies draw on practical contributions. Original research papers reporting novel solutions to the hot topics in electronics are strongly recommended. The scopes cover but are not limited to:

        Circuits and Systems

        Microwave Theory and Techniques

        Wireless Communications

        Image and Signal Processing

        Cryptography & Information Security

        Artificial Intelligence


        Interdisciplinary Applications

Article processing charge

Authors pay a one-time Article processing charge (APC) to cover the costs of professional production and publication of articles based on the length of an article in PDF, and dissemination of published papers in various venues, in addition to other publishing functions. The price is RMB 800.00 per page for the first 7 pages and RMB 1600.00 per page for the parts over 7 pages. RMB 50.00 per article will be charged on top of the above, taking into account exchange rate fluctuations.

There are no charges for rejected articles, no submission charges, and no peer review administration and management charges.

The APC is payable when the manuscript is editorially accepted and before publication and is charged to either the authors or the funder, institution, or employer of authors.

Content types

Perspective authors should follow the submission guidelines to submit one of the following types of content to CJE.

Research Article

Article is one of the primary formats of research content published in CJE. It features the full-length type of paper (6–8 pages) that reports important study with novelty and completeness. Articles go through peer-review processes organized by the Associate Editor of the corresponding research field.


Review is the content that presents an authoritative and balanced overview of the recent developments in a research field. The scope of a review article should be broad enough to cover the academic advancement of the whole community but not only limited to a single laboratory. Academically balanced ideas are expected in a Review. Reviews typically have 10–15 pages and are also commonly peer-reviewed.


Perspective presents the latest advances in electromagnetics and related research fields that was recently published in journals or presented at conferences. Perspective articles (≤2 pages) are typically proposed and invited, although proposals for papers to be covered in this section can be made to the editorial team. Perspective are not peer-reviewed, but undergo editing in consultation with the author.

*This content type should not include original (previously unpublished) research findings and may only contain minimal new supporting data.

Publication identifiers

p-ISSN: 1022-4653

e-ISSN: 2075-5597

CN: 10-1284/TN



Journal abbreviation

The correct abbreviation for Chinese Journal of Electronics is CJE.

Contact us

Editorial Contact

For general editorial inquiries or to inquire about the status of your manuscript, please write to:


Editorial Office Information

Electromagnetic Science Editorial Office
Bldg#13, Puhuinanli, South Yuyuantan Road
Haidian District, Beijing, 100036
P. R. China
Tel: +86 10 68600728


Editorial Staff

NameTitleTelephone numberEmail
SONG JiayingDeputy Director+86 10
ZHANG MingxuEditor+86 10
ZHAO KeEditor+86 10
LI YueEditor+86 10
FENG KeEditor+86 10
CUI XinghuaEditor+86 10
ZHU MeiyuEditor+86 10


Editorial Management

Editor-in-Chief: ZHANG Yaoxue

Deputy Director: SONG Jiaying

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