Manuscript Submission

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Before initiating your submission

  • Please check our Aims & scope to make sure Chinese Journal of Electronics is suitable for publishing the work of author(s).

  • Please make sure the manuscript is one of the Content types accepted in our journal.

  • Please go through our Publication Ethics.

  • Please make sure that the manuscript you upload is anonymous for initial submission.

Preparing your manuscript

Authors should submit papers to Chinese Journal of Electronics in Microsoft Word .docx format, .doc or TeX format (preferred). To submit, authors should use the Chinese Journal of Electronics Manuscript Template in Word or TeX, which will facilitate accurate preparation and processing. Please follow the guidelines in this document when formatting the manuscript.

The body text of the manuscripts includes the following sections.

  • Title

  • Authors Information (only for final submission)

  • Funding Information (only for final submission)

  • Abstract

  • Keywords

  • Main Text

  • Acknowledgments (if applicable, only for final submission)

  • References

  • Appendixes (if applicable)

  • Conflict of Interest (if applicable)

After the manuscript is accepted, authors need to add the funding Information, author information, and the section of acknowledgments (if applicable) in the manuscript. Author information should include authors’ names, affiliations, photos, and biographies.

Please make sure that all files have unique file names for them to export successfully to Chinese Journal of Electronics.

Authors may submit their references in any style. Once your manuscript has been accepted in principle for publication, you will need to reformat the reference in journal’s style.

Submitting your manuscript

Authors should submit manuscripts through our online submission system - ScholarOne Manuscripts; we will send an email acknowledging the submission. Please do not send complete manuscripts by email. The submitting and/or corresponding authors will be asked to create an account or sign in using their ORCID ID. All authors are strongly encouraged to create accounts in ScholarOne Manuscripts prior to submission. If authors do not have an account, the submitting and/or corresponding author will be required to create an account for each author.

The following items are needed for submission.

Manuscript files (required)

A PDF file converted from Word or compiled by TeX

Source files in Microsoft Word .docx format, .doc or TeX format (preferred)

Signed copyright agreement form and image permission

Download the Copyright Agreement form (required)

Download the Image Permission form (if necessary)

A cover letter (recommended)

The cover letter is recommended to provide for explaining the importance of the work, and why the authors consider it appropriate for the readership of Chinese Journal of Electronics.

A cover letter should contain the following:

  • Names, email addresses and ORCID IDs for all authors, including selection of one to be corresponding author.

  • The title of the paper and a summary of the main point (research background, main achievements, theoretical innovations, application background, and fields the readers are involved in, etc.)

  • A statement that detailed information regarding how the manuscript is a technically extended version of the proceedings paper if the manuscript is an extended version of a conference paper.

Names, affiliations, and email addresses of potential reviewers (if necessary)

A PDF copy of the proceedings paper (if necessary)

If the manuscript is an extended version of a conference paper, a PDF copy is required.

Title Page (recommended)

Author may fast the submission by using our Title Page Template.

Revising your manuscript

Authors are required to provide a point-by-point reply to the reviewers’ comments as provided in the decision letter from the editor. This reply can be provided in text format or as an attachment. It is important for authors to know that this information is likely to be shared with reviewers if the manuscript is again reviewed. Any sensitive information that the authors do not wish to share with reviewers should instead be included in the cover letter addressed to the editor.

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